Shotbooks: the event everybody loves to hate

This year for me and pretty much all of my fellow friends is the highly anticipated year of 21. Now we are all legally welcomed into the world where so many college students had already placed themselves. And hey that’s exciting! But for the sorority girl it comes with the elevated stress of shot book pages, a stress that could beat out studying for an Organic exam or talking to you’re highly feminist professor. A myriad of questions and concerns plague our mind. Do I have enough pictures? Will she like it? Why am I number 12? She was number 8 in mine! Yes. It is dumb. And yes, it doesn’t matter in 4 years the order of our friends in our shot book. But does this stop us? Absolutely not! We will continue to slap on the shambliest photos of our friends and us on overly glittery pages and we will fight about the order because its the principle of the matter! Anyways here’s some examples I have made for shot books and some tips I have. Take them as you will.

1. This was for my especially srat friend. Seriously though if tattoos were a sorority staple she would have her monogram plastered on her forehead. But its an easy concept! Just make one of the pages look like a button down and then cut out pearls from white cardstock. Cut out a monogram and viola! You have a cute and unique page! Plus you don’t have to stick ugly photos everywhere! I saw this idea originally on Pinterest but I made it my own by tweaking the design a bit!


2. Are you ever in that shot book for that one girl and you’re like whaaaaaaat? Like you didn’t know you were that close. And now you’re even more stressed because you have ZERO pictures with this chick. Now you’re like obligated to make a page and go and stuff. UGH I just wanted to watch Criminal Minds all night in my bed! Anyways here’s what to do. Just make the rhyme HUGE. Everybody will be distracted by your beautiful verbiage and not even notice the absence of pics.


If you have any ideas or tips for shot books please share! Also if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them (can’t promise satisfactory ones)!


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