Spring Break Bucket List (For Collegers)

If you are wondering, I did make up the word collegers and yes I like it. It sums up the people I mean quite nicely. Sorry post twice in one day but my roommates and I made this list and I know others would enjoy it. We looked everywhere on the internet and NOBODY had made a list. Thats just crazay in my opinion. So here it is:

  1. order food in a foreign accent/language
  2. steal an article of clothing from a frat boy and wear it to the beach the next day (we had a specific fraternity we were vacationing with but I suppose this could be any group of boys)
  3. shotgun a beer (yes we hadn’t done that before)
  4. kiss a random boy (you can’t know him!)
  5. make strangers do our school cheer (C-A-T-S)
  6. dance on table tops
  7. kiss a bouncer
  8. reenact a picture from last spring break
  9. take a body shot (or get one taken off of you)
  10. kiss a gay guy
  11. bong something on the beach
  12. and if you are frat boys who are a little overzealous about their team, get 40-0 tattooed on your a**

As my twelve year self would say,

PEACE (just kidding I still say that),



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