How to Make a FRAT Cooler

Ahhhh formal coolers. Another form of torture us sorority girls like to submit ourselves to. I have made three, yes THREE, for my boyfriend so I would say I am a bit of a cooler connoisseur (insert sly smile). Anyways I am always looking for new ideas so I figured that everyone else was too! First I am going to list some quick tips!

  1. Choose a smooth and flat cooler! Igloo Island Breeze are the BOMB. Literally love them. They are like $15-20 at Walmart! 0003422344561_500X500
  2.  Sand your cooler EVERYWHERE. Use sandpaper, an electric sander, a nail file, something! Paint will not stick to an unsnapped cooler. Especially sand the top. For some reason thats where paint loves to chip
  3. Now prime. I personally love the primer and paint combo spray can but as long as it says it will bond to plastic then you are good to go!
  4. Time to paint! You can use any acrylic paint. I don’t have any personal favorites. Make sure to pick up some paint pens. They are a lifesaver! A black and white one are essential! And honestly the more expensive ones are better. The cheap ones tend to glop up and don’t go on evenly.
  5. Now that your cooler is looking good, it is time to seal. I just use a clear sealant spray can. I give it a couple coats and its ready to go! Some people suggest mod-podging it first, but I don’t find this necessary

And here is my most recent finished product! I’ll post a gallery with my older ones soon!

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 10.33.41 PM


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