Leggings: A College Girl’s Best Friend

I have seen a lot of hubbub around the social media sphere about whether girls should wear leggings or yoga pants or the like. I want to acknowledge that I see where this is coming from, but personally and I know all my sistas feel me, I will continue to proudly sport the spandex-like clothing and here’s why:

  • They go with everything: Long T-shirt, large sweatshirt, oversized sweater (can you see a trend?) I mean even like a skirt and dress pairs perfectly with leggings. They are the most versatile piece of clothing I own.
  • I think my butt looks great. And in any regard you shouldn’t be looking at my butt, you should be studying.
  • They are comfortable. Have you tried running 2 miles across campus in JEANS? Its painful and constrictive. Leggings easy serve as pants and exercise attire so you are never caught unaware.
  • I’m lazy. Leggings are so easy to put on.
  • I have many pairs. I never have to do laundry! I hate laundry….
  • They easily fit into my boots. I hate stuffing my jeans into my boots and then I get those awkward little lump wrinkles around my knee. UGH I am so frustrated!
  • I am basic. How else would you know I am a sorority girl? Um latte please?
  • You never know when someone will offer you a piggy-back ride. This is vital. You need flexible pants to have a successful piggy-back ride.

Well that’s all I could think of. Basically you can not take me out of these things. I am wearing them currently and am proud of it! Tell me why you still wear leggings!



4 thoughts on “Leggings: A College Girl’s Best Friend

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