Sixteen has Never Tasted So Sweet

Yes it’s even better than my own sweet sixteen. To be fair I still had braces and hadn’t mastered the fine art of make-up. What can I say? I was a late bloomer or something like that. But this is for all those girls (and guys) that jump on that basketball bandwagon when the NCAA tournament rolls around. Yes, I watched some of the games during the season and yes, I wore my jersey proudly during that time, but I often found myself drifting away playing on my phone until someone yelled some obscenity at the TV and snapped me back to reality. Sometimes I even choose to watch something else (insert shocked emoji here). Trust me that is no-no in Wildcat country. But now the sweet sixteen is upon us and all of campus is abuzz (that’s an understatement). I AM READY and I can’t help catching the BBN fever. I am proudly sporting my jersey and I have done myself all pretty to storm the streets after our win (because we will win). I am not ashamed to be on the bandwagon and only know like three of the players full names and gladly raise my little hoard of bandwagon children (when I am blessed with them). Nothing wrong with that right?


Sorry if this post is not satisfactory. I may be a few margaritas deep. GO CATS!




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