Volcano Roll

If you have the unfortunate taste aversion to fish like me then you understand the frustration associated with everyone’s obsession with sushi. I feel like it swam out of the ocean and hit the world’s trendesphere (another new word) overnight and hasn’t decided to jump back into the water since. Everyone’s like let’s get sushi in their posh little voices and I’m like let’s get cheeseburgers. Unfortunately I am in the minority and am usually coerced into having to go and get like a veggie roll. Don’t get me wrong I like the veggie and avocado rolls and even sometimes crave them but I am usually left a little bit unsatisfied. Last night I was expecting no different. After a long day of work my friends and I decided that we deserved to treat ourselves to dinner and what’s more perfect than sushi? We decided to try somewhere new, since nobody felt like spending money on the $12 roll at our usual haunt. To my very pleasant surprise the place was quant and clean and had the best service I had ever experienced in Lexington. It was called Osaka and while out of the way, it was well worth the drive. I was so excited to open up the menu and see there was a chicken roll, A CHICKEN ROLL. Tears of happiness rolled down my eyes. And instead of a boring avocado roll, their avocado rolls were amped up with many great twists. So I chose the avocado peanut roll to compliment my chicken! Just look how beautiful and delicious they look!!!


And because it was our first visit,our adorable server brought out a free orange cream dessert! (He also let us try the salads for free. Can you say da bomb?)



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