Pineapple Express

Just let me take a minute to tell you how completely obsessed I am with pineapples. I am seeing them all over the place and I AM LITERALLY IN LOVE. I couldn’t be happier that this is the new trend and cannot wait to pick up a piece of my own. Everywhere from J. Crew to Topshop to Forever 21 is adopting this playful pattern. I thought I would share some of my favorite finds!


1. I adore this bikini. Its the perfect combination of classic and trendy and I. want. it. I found it on Topshop! Looks like I will be saving my pennies!


2. Oh you know J. Crew was on this trend faster than a monogram on a sorority girl. The skirt is exactly my style with its structured A-line and perfect styling with a button down.


3. I can’t find where these are from (sad face), but I obsessed with pom-poms sooooooooo these are perfection. Side note on pom poms: they make everything better.


4. Another J.Crew find. This is more muted so it can be paired with more. So if you’re ready to rock the casual vibe with some cutoffs and a sun hat this is your go-to! I think I’ll be watching J. Crew factory for any discounts on their pineapple themed wear!

Comment below if you have any spring style trends you love or have a perfect piece of pineapple clothing!


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