Why Disney Movies Still Matter

Call me young at heart or immature or whatever but I am an undying fan of Disney. No not all Disney movies are great and for the cinephile many are overrated and predictable, but to me they are valuable beyond measure. Wanna know why? Well let me lay it out.

  1.  I like to sing. I’m not very good and I am horrible at remembering lyrics. K (my roommate) said I’m not even allowed to sing at her wedding, just mouth the words. So Disney makes it so easy. The lyrics all rhyme and the tunes are catchy so for someone who is as tone-deaf as me its possible!tangled7-tangled-2-why-disney-never-continued-the-story-of-rapunzel
  2. They teach some seriously valuable lessons. Bypass the sexism and there’s everything from the value of friendship to leadership to kindness and forgiveness. And then again everything can be fixed with some singing.
  3. Princesses. Need I say more?
  4. Sometimes you need to cry and Disney lets you do that. Wreck-it-Ralph? I sobbed. Toy Story 3? Nobody can tell me they didn’t shed a tear. Frozen? My mom and I sat through the first 15 min with tears rolling down our faces as little Anna sang to her distant sister. (Singing again)
  5. Now this one is really crucial. I can do homework and watch! This is especially true if its one of the movies I have seen a million times. Like Tangled. Confession: I am watching it currently.

SO basically I love Disney movies. I actually get so excited whenI babysit because the kids have a collection of Disney movies and we can watch ALL OF THEM. Sometimes watching heavy adult-like filled content is just too much after a hard week. Better to just LET IT GO. (Tired of the Frozen references yet?) Anyways you can hate Disney and everything about it and I’ll respect you for it but I’ll never agree!



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