Why I Wear Oversized T-shirts

Okay, so I thought it was about time for another ‘why’ post just in case other people need justification for why they do something as well. This time it’s another sorority girl staple: oversized t-shirts. These could be your t-shirts, your boyfriend/friend-that-is-a-boy’s,or that one random guy’s who you stole it from the morning after waking up in his unfamiliar room (oops). We all do it and we all love it. It is mostly the reason why I have posted so few Outfit of the Days. I just can’t pass up the t-shirt. It calls to me. So let me tell you why I wear them:

  1. They pair well with another versatile item in my closet: leggings. Check out why I wear those here
  2. They are seasonless. I wear them in the winter. I wear them in the summer. I wear them when its spitting rain and the humidity makes the 60 degree weather feel 10 degrees hotter. (plus they match my frizzy hair for a just rolled out of bed look)
  3. They are comfy. I’m not even the biggest advocate for comfort but sometimes you just need it.
  4. They cover up my norts so no one can see if I’m wearing shorts or not and I like a little mystery in my life.
  5. I like to REPRESENT. I love my sorority and the majority of my t-shirts let everyone know that.
  6. The pressure to find something to wear in the mornings is to much. I panic. I put on something too warm. Then I’m hot in class. And then I can’t focus. And then I fail. T-shirts=good grades (it’s just logical)

So there you have it. A complete list that you can submit to any t-shirt hater. You may look like a slob but at least you are happy with life.

image from Google

image from Google


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