The Confederate Debate

Okay so I am going to get a little serious in this post. The Internet has just blown up over cooler painting. YES, COOLER PAINTING (enter sigh of exasperation). But I actually think the debate is well warranted. A young lady posted on the cooler connection, a Facebook page where sorority women can share awesome cooler tips, about the negativity associated with the Confederate flag. She claims we as the Greek community need to “cool it with the Confederate flag on the coolers.” What a brave and outspoken young lady. I respect her for her beliefs and I want to stand there beside her in agreement. I’m from Kentucky and so arguably may not traditionally be considered “southern” but I believe that the Confederate flag, while carrying with it a sense of tradition and southern culture, holds with it negative connotations that as the younger generation we need repair. My boyfriend is African American and a member of Beta Theta Pi and I would never paint a Confederate flag on his cooler. While I don’t believe it is intentionally “racist,” the Confederate flag reminds us of a time when our nation was fighting to keep people of color enslaved. Like or not slavery was part of Southern culture. He upholds many of traditional southern values and identifies with many of the southern aspects of fraternity life like brotherhood, tradition, loyalty and family, but he doesn’t need the Confederate flag to identify himself as “southern.” I am not here to dictate if it is right or wrong to paint the Confederate flag on your cooler, it is after all your own creative liberty. I just think that we as the next generation need to be more conscientious of our history and what it means to truly be American.

Check out the TSM post here



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