How to find your “Forever Friends”

Recruitment is over! Phew. Seriously, I’m one of those “I hate recruitment” people. Not because I don’t love my sorority and having a hand in choosing the next pledge class but mostly because I’m lazy. Yeah, I’ll admit it. I’m lazy and recruitment wears me out. I get the like grumpy cat look and then all the pnms* are like “what is wrong with that girl’s face?” So all in all not good. But as a Senior and having gone through 3 recruitments I thought I would share some words of wisdom about finding your “forever friends” or at least some girls that you think would be pretty cool to hang out with.

  • Be genuine- You cannot even imagine how many girls I have met who have said that the girls they talked to during recruitment were totally different once they joined. Uh, not cool. Be yourself. You want to find girls that click with you and your sorority’s personality, not some mega-perfect peppy crazy person (which don’t exist BTW.)
  • Talk about something interesting– Let me just tell you that I talked to my little during recruitment about cheese. Yes, CHEESE. And it was the most hilarious, real conversation I had the whole week. Girls are going to get “Oh, what’s your major?” and “So, where you from?” from like 5 bagillion other sorority women. Some of my personal favorites to use include “What are you passionate about?” and “What are you most looking forward to?” Or just ask them what their favorite cheese is.
  • Dress to impress– If you are like my sorority then all of your recruitment outfits are picked for you, but if not then dress like a lady. Look, I am not saying judge a girl based on if she’s pretty or not. DO NOT DO THAT. But dressing and looking presentable makes you more approachable and confident. It also helps the pnm realize that you are committed and excited about talking to her.
  • Compliment her on something- Whether that be something she’s wearing or something she’s telling you about. A nice word said can make a world of difference. I’ve noticed that pnms feel special and noticed when you recognize them for something even if that’s their hair color! A compliment opens up a line of conversation that might make opening up a little easier. That way you can get to know the real girl!
  • Have a good attitude– This was like the mantra during my recruitment. But seriously if you are excited for recruitment then the pnms will be too! Your feet hurt from the Jacks you’ve been wearing for 10 rounds? Suck it up and smile! The next girl you talk to could be your future little!

Recruitment can be tough (hell week am I right?) but it’s the biggest contribution you will be making to your sorority for the whole year! The payoff is amazing when you see your rush crush running through that door! Good luck to all of you who have not completed recruitment yet! I hope you find you forever friends!

* Pnm stands for potential new memberIMG_6667


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