Tips for Saving Money: College Edition


So I am about the last person ever you should ask for money advice. Yeah, I bet you read that and were like “Okay so I’m leaving now.” But I urge you, stick with me! I have some tips that will actually help you save and earn a little cash! My problem is I just turn around and spend it elsewhere (ooopppppssss). In my four years of college I really have learned a few (keyword: few) real life tricks. Its hard when you’re in between paychecks and a nice trip to the mall for some retail therapy is all you really need. So here’s some non-typical (hopefully) ways to make and save money!

  • Sell some of those clothes girl! — I took a tub full of my old clothes (think Aeropostale graphic tees) to Plato’s closet over the summer and made $54! Cha-ching! Even though frustratingly they don’t buy much from you, it’s always nice to get some cash flow for those items that haven’t seen the light of day in years.
  • Bargain shop! — While I’m all about saving up for those designer pieces, I realize at this point in my life I can’t have nice things. Okay, I have some nice things. Okay, I have a decent amount of nice things. But I rarely buy those for myself. I have found the best shops online that allow me to buy trendy pieces for less! Also TJMaxx is my (and should be your’s) best friend.
  • Sell your books! — Unless you want to save all your educational tools for who knows what, get rid of those unused books! If you have already tried your local university bookstore, go to Half Priced Books or and try there! I’ve been able to sell books from Freshman year recently for a pretty penny!
  • Use your student discounts — Seriously they are everywhere! Places like JCrew Factory even give you the student discount on top of their clearance. This website helps you navigate all the discounts and find ones that fit your needs!
  • Sell yourself! — No I am not advocating taking to the streets to pay for college but hey, if you do, then you do you girlfriend. A few of my friends have actually sold plasma at a cool $50 a visit. While the thought of going through that makes me squeamish, I can see why it is so appealing to some people. Sitting for an hour or two watching TV for 50 bucks? Yeah, it does sound pretty nice. Plus you are helping people! Look around at your local hospitals or blood banks for a similar program!

What’s your favorite way to earn some extra cash? Or do you have a way to save some? I would love to hear them!



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