Product Review: Physicians Formula BB Cream


I am the LAZIEST person when it comes to make-up. I think I may have mentioned that in previous posts but if you’re just now joining me let me tell ya. Seriously that extra 2 min and 47 sec I get in the morning is totally worth it. If I could marry sleep I would, but I digress. So a few weeks ago I was like “maybe I shouldn’t look ratchet everyday of my senior year since I actually have to join the real world in my near future.” With this in mind, I wanted to try a BB cream (basically a tinted moisturizer) but I didn’t have any clue what I should be looking for. To be honest I couldn’t and still can’t tell you what BB stands for (Be Beautiful? Barely Blemished?). Anyways I was recommended to try Physicians Formula Super BB Cream. This stuff works wonders for me! I usually am a big proponent of higher end make-up, especially when it comes to my face, but this cream is definitely the exception! My skin is on the dryer side and has a red undertone that makes me look blotchy. I put this on and it evens my skin tone almost better than my foundation! It never looks dry or flakey nor does it look oily. I have it in light and while it looked a bit lighter on me when I tanned in the summer, which was fixed with a little bit of bronzer, it is perfect for my skin tone in the fall and winter. The only drawback is that it has a kinda weird smell but I can’t tell when it’s on me so I got over it. So I may have found my new soulmate (sorry sleep). I slap this on in the morning and I am ready to go all day. Lazy college girl: 1 Real world: 0

If you want to read about my full beauty routine when I actually get out of bed and do it, read it here! 

And for another awesome drug store find, check out my shampoo post!


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