Rainy Day Essentials


Its a rainy, mucky, all-around gross day here in Kentucky. That means skipping class and staying in all day. I know I am a horrible student! But it’s just one of those days when you want to cozy up with a good book or a movie! Reflecting on that thought, I decided to do a mini round-up of some rainy day essentials!

  1. A good book– I am a reading fanatic and lately I have been tearing through some books. My most recent book I have finished is:
    1. A Painted House by John Grisham– this book is from the perspective of a 7 year old boy in rural Arkansas. Trust me I was thinking the same thing you are…”what do I have in common with a small farm boy?” But to my surprise the book was captivating! So many interesting things happen I couldn’t put the book down. Now I have become a avid John Grisham fan and plan on reading more of his books!
  2. A good movie– If reading isn’t for you or maybe if you don’t feel like putting in the mental effort then putting on a good movie while the rain pitter-patters on the roof is the perfect rainy day pastime.
  3. A cozy sweatshirt– I love throwing on an oversized sweatshirt when it is gray and wet outside! My favorite is my fleece Patagonia!
  4. Rain boots– If I have to go out and brave the unending wetness then I need my rain boots. Currently I have my sights set on a beautiful pair of Hunter’s. It’s so rainy here that I believe it is time for an investment and I have heard nothing but fabulous things about them!
  5. Coffee or hot tea– I am a tea kind of gal. Maybe coffee will grow on me but for now I stick strictly to tea. I recently acquired a tea tumbler that has a built in tea cage for loose tea leaves. I love it! Find it here.

What’s your favorite rainy day essential?


3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Essentials

  1. All of these are a must for rainy days! I know when the weather would be too bad when I was in college, I would not go to class either. Our campus would easily flood at times, so i was not going to walk around in all that craziness.

  2. I love to sleep in and cuddle to a good movie or show on a rainy day. My kids are the same way too! Follow it up with some good food and popcorn and we have fun!

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