5 Things I’m Thankful for in College

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As a collegiate woman there are quite a few things I am thankful for that may not resonate with the rest of the populous. Nevertheless these things are essential to my (and my college peers) existence. Without such we would be sad, desperate young adults. It would be a scary world, trust me.


Thank you Netflix for always being there for me. How many times have I skipped class just to watch that one more episode (jokes, like 5 more)? I wish you were an excused absence and an acceptable justification for being late to work. Oh, in an ideal world…Thank you for letting multiple devices be signed in at once so that I can use my parents’ account (or friends’, or friends’ parents’) and don’t have to pay for you myself. I’m not ready to be that adult yet.


Thank you Quizlet for always getting me through last minute studying. Without you I would not be able to procrastinate and still obtain reasonable grades on my exams. You are a college student’s savior and I hope whoever created you is sitting on piles of cash.


Thank you iMessage for syncing to my computer. In classes where I am not allowed to have my phone out and I am bored to tears, I can still be connected to the world because of you. I don’t know if professors just haven’t realized what’s happening or just have no way of preventing it but nevertheless I’m thankful.

Parking Meters

Thank you meters for allowing me to drive to school everyday without a parking pass. Although parking at you is a gamble, and I have received many parking tickets from doing so, you let me live up to my full potential of being as lazy as possible. Thank you also for giving me the ability to spot change and pounce on it like a hungry animal anywhere I go.

My Bed

Thank you bed for being so versatile. You are my desk, my table, my clothes hamper, my couch and my sleeping place. I never knew you would be such a great investment. You make everything I am thankful for come together. Many times I am watching Netflix, typing up a Quizlet (while messaging my roommate in the next room), laying on you and waiting to late to walk to class. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home but I really know you are.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Share what you’re thankful for below! 🙂


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