The Meaning Behind Citybelles

I stumbled into blogging because I loved fashion and wanted an outlet to share my personal style. I never knew it would take me on such a whirlwind journey and I am continuing to learn something new everyday. When it came time to think of a name for my blog I debated for a long time (if long is for like an hour). Regardless, the name did not come to me instantly. I wanted something that would capture what made me so unique.

When I reflected on what this might be, I thought about everything that inspired my style. I grew up 7 minutes from the downtown of a big city with a growing young, urban community. As a result trendy, edgy and hip were the definitions of style as I became a young adult. Crop tops, high waisted jeans and combat boots were therefore my uniform as I entered the new southern, traditional world of the University of Kentucky. Preppy was not in my vocabulary.

I was in for a rude awakening when I was suddenly thrust into the realm of sorority life. Not to say personal style was not celebrated or accepted in my sorority but there were certain things that were more popular than others. I am not immune to social pressure, and I mean who is? So when cute monogrammed raincoats and Lilly Pulitzer patterned dresses started popping up everywhere I looked, I couldn’t help but be enamored.

But I couldn’t completely let go of my trendy, urban side and so I ended up with a blend of city and southern style. Consequently, when it came to naming my blog that’s the conclusion I came to. I am a fusion of metropolitan and classical, trendy and timeless, a true city walker and a southern belle. City-belle. See? Sometimes I can just be tooooo clever. 🙂

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On another note, how’s everyone enjoying the cold weather? I had fun bundling up!

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11 thoughts on “The Meaning Behind Citybelles

  1. That’s so cool! I never knew the meaning behind the name, but I am so glad you did this post! That is actually really clever. I identify with preppy style like you were saying with sorority life, but being from Canada and not having that kind of sorority life here, I had to kind of combine my style like you were saying you had to. Great post xoxo Samantha

  2. Love the meaning behind the name what a great post! I knew to name my blog I wanted to play off of “Kase” my name is Kasey but everyone calls me Kase, and I mean how many clever things can you do with Kase!? So my sister, who is awesome with coming up with clever things came up with The Kase Styles (Play of The Case Files). I may be aging myself… Anyway…. I took ‘the’ off to make it easier to do the logo and that way it kind of sounds like a persona. Kase Styles.

    Sorry for the novel! haha great post and great name City Belle!

    xx Kasey

  3. I was in a sorority, too but in Oregon – probably much different that where you are! I totally understand where you are coming from though! So glad I met you through Stylecollective! Hope you have a great rest of your week

    xoxo – Chelsea

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