How Collegers Are Preparing for the Holidays

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If you were confused by my title, collegers is a word a made up to define those young folk who attend college (like me!). I feel that it encompasses the demographic I am referring to quite nicely. That being said we are a unique and distinct group that goes about life differently than the rest of the population. While everyone else is scurrying around doing this or that for the upcoming holidays, collegers are preparing for the season in a completely seperate manner…

  1. We have rediscovered the couch at home that actually fits our whole body length… and we haven’t moved…probably for days.
  2. We are binge watching as much Netflix as humanly possible before break ends and we must enter back into reality where we actually have to do things
  3. We are raiding our pantries at home, overwhelmed by the amount of snacks that are different from pretzels and chewy bars (maybe that’s just me?)
  4. We are reconnecting with friends from high school by sitting in Starbucks and gossiping about our former classmates for hours
  5. We then realize that we don’t really care about those people and we FaceTime our friends from college and gossip about our current classmates
  6. We are with mom and while she is attempting to finish up her Christmas shopping, we are trying to convince her to buy us something because we are #poor
  7. We are talking to our dogs (and  cats?) because we don’t know how to function without our roommates and our parents/siblings are at work
  8. We then talk to ourselves because talking to the dog is crazy and I mean we are totally sane… right?
  9. We are refusing to get out of sweatpants, leggings and t-shirts because we don’t know how to wear anything else
  10. We are mentally preparing ourselves to answer the inevitable question of “So what are you doing with your life?” and failing

Of course we are also looking forward to seeing our family and spending Christmas with our loved ones that we have missed so much. How are you preparing for the holidays? Let me know in the comments below!


Gift Guide: For 21 and Over

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Tomorrow it is one month until Christmas! Crazy how this fall has flown by! This week I thought I would round-up some adorable Kate-Spade inspired bar accessories! I love how the gold polka-dots have become one of Kate Spade’s signatures and I have used them as the influence for finding coordinating pieces!  These adorable gold accessories will totally glamorize a friend’s alcohol, keeping it oh-so classy. Best part? They are all super affordable and fit my #brokecollegegirl budget.

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1. Confetti Shot Glasses-Nordstrom

These fun glasses will be perfect to celebrate New Year’s with and as such would make an awesome X-mas gift. I would want them in my collection, wouldn’t you?

2. Initial Wine Stopper- Bed, Bath and Beyond 

I actually just picked one of these up as part of a friend’s gift! I thought it would be so useful for all those open bottles of wine (ooops). As a sorority girl, I have learned to love everything monogrammed so obviously I love the personal touch this stopper has.

3. Kate Spade Shaker- Red Dress Boutique

A Kate-Spade inspired bar cart would not be complete without something that is authentically Kate Spade! This cocktail shaker is everywhere and I can totally see why.

4. Stemless Glasses- Kohl’s

These Fitz and Floyd glasses immediately grabbed my eye. They are unique but timeless and will instantly spruce up anything you’re drinking. The gold dots just make me dream of champagne!

5. Gold Ice Bucket- World Market

Not really sure if people actually use ice buckets anymore but nevertheless this one is pretty enough just to look at. Plus for the $12 price tag I would buy one just for decoration.

Gift Guide: For the Roomies

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Here’s a scary thought: There’s only 6 more Mondays until Christmas! As much as I advocate celebrating one holiday at a time (right now that would be Thanksgiving), I can’t deny the allure and practicalness of Christmas shopping early! In that spirit I have decided to do a gift guide a week until Christmas! All of my gifts will be under $50 because I am on that #brokecollegegirl budget and I feel like many of you are too! So many of my finds are going to be STEALS and you should get them FAST because I know they are going to be gone quick! Without further ado here is my gift ideas for my friends/roommates (who have way too expensive taste 😉 )

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1. The Blanket Scarf- Simple Addiction

You know that thing that everyone has been wearing? Well don’t let your friends get left behind in the trend-following dust. I’ve found the perfect scarf (already have 2) at a great price! At $13 you might just have to buy one for yourself too (I know I did).

2. Kate Spade Necklace- Nordstrom

Nordstrom is having some like awesome fall sale and I am just going to roll with it. This necklace comes in four different colors including tortoise and would be the perfect piece of dazzling neck candy (yes neck candy). Plus who wouldn’t love a little Kate Spade in their life?

3. Kendra Scott Earrings- Nordstrom

Seriously the Nordstrom sale is awesome and if you have a little bit of time you should really check out all the great deals they have! These Kendra Scott earrings are mesmerizing and I know I’m putting them on my christmas list! I just know that some of my friends would swoon over these too.

4. Tommy Bahama Watch- MyHabit

So I recently discovered this website called It’s a website that has crazy markdowns on designer items. Apparently Access Hollywood talks about it? Anyways that’s how my mom became hooked on it and now she’s got me addicted to it too! Watches are such a statement nowadays and my roomies would love to have this one gracing their arm.

5. The Happy Planner- Me and My Big Ideas

Absolutely OBSESSED with this planner. I actually originally saw it at Michaels and have been researching about it all day. The website I listed has a much greater selection and also carries all the accessories for it (who knew planners could have accessories?). Anyways I think this my next move planner-wise (sorry Lilly). I know many of my friends are off to grad-school next year and organization is going to be key to their success and sanity. Plus there’s a ton of cute stickers, flags and paperclips that just makes this the cutest and most useful gift.

How to find your “Forever Friends”

Recruitment is over! Phew. Seriously, I’m one of those “I hate recruitment” people. Not because I don’t love my sorority and having a hand in choosing the next pledge class but mostly because I’m lazy. Yeah, I’ll admit it. I’m lazy and recruitment wears me out. I get the like grumpy cat look and then all the pnms* are like “what is wrong with that girl’s face?” So all in all not good. But as a Senior and having gone through 3 recruitments I thought I would share some words of wisdom about finding your “forever friends” or at least some girls that you think would be pretty cool to hang out with.

  • Be genuine- You cannot even imagine how many girls I have met who have said that the girls they talked to during recruitment were totally different once they joined. Uh, not cool. Be yourself. You want to find girls that click with you and your sorority’s personality, not some mega-perfect peppy crazy person (which don’t exist BTW.)
  • Talk about something interesting– Let me just tell you that I talked to my little during recruitment about cheese. Yes, CHEESE. And it was the most hilarious, real conversation I had the whole week. Girls are going to get “Oh, what’s your major?” and “So, where you from?” from like 5 bagillion other sorority women. Some of my personal favorites to use include “What are you passionate about?” and “What are you most looking forward to?” Or just ask them what their favorite cheese is.
  • Dress to impress– If you are like my sorority then all of your recruitment outfits are picked for you, but if not then dress like a lady. Look, I am not saying judge a girl based on if she’s pretty or not. DO NOT DO THAT. But dressing and looking presentable makes you more approachable and confident. It also helps the pnm realize that you are committed and excited about talking to her.
  • Compliment her on something- Whether that be something she’s wearing or something she’s telling you about. A nice word said can make a world of difference. I’ve noticed that pnms feel special and noticed when you recognize them for something even if that’s their hair color! A compliment opens up a line of conversation that might make opening up a little easier. That way you can get to know the real girl!
  • Have a good attitude– This was like the mantra during my recruitment. But seriously if you are excited for recruitment then the pnms will be too! Your feet hurt from the Jacks you’ve been wearing for 10 rounds? Suck it up and smile! The next girl you talk to could be your future little!

Recruitment can be tough (hell week am I right?) but it’s the biggest contribution you will be making to your sorority for the whole year! The payoff is amazing when you see your rush crush running through that door! Good luck to all of you who have not completed recruitment yet! I hope you find you forever friends!

* Pnm stands for potential new memberIMG_6667

Why I Wear Oversized T-shirts

Okay, so I thought it was about time for another ‘why’ post just in case other people need justification for why they do something as well. This time it’s another sorority girl staple: oversized t-shirts. These could be your t-shirts, your boyfriend/friend-that-is-a-boy’s,or that one random guy’s who you stole it from the morning after waking up in his unfamiliar room (oops). We all do it and we all love it. It is mostly the reason why I have posted so few Outfit of the Days. I just can’t pass up the t-shirt. It calls to me. So let me tell you why I wear them:

  1. They pair well with another versatile item in my closet: leggings. Check out why I wear those here
  2. They are seasonless. I wear them in the winter. I wear them in the summer. I wear them when its spitting rain and the humidity makes the 60 degree weather feel 10 degrees hotter. (plus they match my frizzy hair for a just rolled out of bed look)
  3. They are comfy. I’m not even the biggest advocate for comfort but sometimes you just need it.
  4. They cover up my norts so no one can see if I’m wearing shorts or not and I like a little mystery in my life.
  5. I like to REPRESENT. I love my sorority and the majority of my t-shirts let everyone know that.
  6. The pressure to find something to wear in the mornings is to much. I panic. I put on something too warm. Then I’m hot in class. And then I can’t focus. And then I fail. T-shirts=good grades (it’s just logical)

So there you have it. A complete list that you can submit to any t-shirt hater. You may look like a slob but at least you are happy with life.

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image from Google

Bet on It: Derby Season

It’s spring lovely people and do you know what that means for the folks of the bluegrass? Horse racing! Before college I had never been to the track even though I resided in the horse capitol of the world. It just wasn’t popular in the area where I lived. When I arrived at college I was pleasantly introduced to the glamorous world of Keeneland. Its lush green pastures and bright white farm sense beckoned to me like the emerald city itself. From that moment on you could say I was hooked along with my other greek and non-greek friends. Opening day has since become a tradition and is begun at the earliest in the morning. It starts by carefully curling your hair and meticulously applying the perfect face of make-up to stand-up to a harsh day of warm sunlight and a fresh breeze. And then comes putting on your dress. This dress had probably been purchased weeks or even months beforehand to wear for this specific event and you have been dreaming about putting it on with your best wedges to go bet on the horses. And truly this is the main event because not just any dress makes it to Keeneland. It is most likely pastel or flowery and is modest so that it can be perfectly paired with a monogram or pearls. I never turn down a reason to dress up and this is no exception. In addition to a bomb dress, a few other essentials are necessary:

  1. Croakies. Preferably in your favorite Lilly pattern and attached to your favorite pair of sunglasses (mine are brown tortoise Rayban wayfarers) Get them here
  2. A big sunhat. These are not as popular as they are at the Derby and Carolina Cup but I believe they make any outfit better! Get one here or on etsy!
  3. Shoes. Don’t take this lightly. Shoes can make or break an outfit. If there’s not a pair of chunky wedges that match your dress, Jacks are always a safe bet! Get the pair here
  4. Money. A little bit of money to bet on horses make the whole day more interesting. Just bring five dollars to bet on two horses. Its fun to have some stakes in the race! Who knows you might even have the winning ticket!

Unfortunately for me I won’t be making opening day this season (sad sad face) because I will be out of town. But don’t worry I will be going to the races and I will be sure to post an outfit update!

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Why Disney Movies Still Matter

Call me young at heart or immature or whatever but I am an undying fan of Disney. No not all Disney movies are great and for the cinephile many are overrated and predictable, but to me they are valuable beyond measure. Wanna know why? Well let me lay it out.

  1.  I like to sing. I’m not very good and I am horrible at remembering lyrics. K (my roommate) said I’m not even allowed to sing at her wedding, just mouth the words. So Disney makes it so easy. The lyrics all rhyme and the tunes are catchy so for someone who is as tone-deaf as me its possible!tangled7-tangled-2-why-disney-never-continued-the-story-of-rapunzel
  2. They teach some seriously valuable lessons. Bypass the sexism and there’s everything from the value of friendship to leadership to kindness and forgiveness. And then again everything can be fixed with some singing.
  3. Princesses. Need I say more?
  4. Sometimes you need to cry and Disney lets you do that. Wreck-it-Ralph? I sobbed. Toy Story 3? Nobody can tell me they didn’t shed a tear. Frozen? My mom and I sat through the first 15 min with tears rolling down our faces as little Anna sang to her distant sister. (Singing again)
  5. Now this one is really crucial. I can do homework and watch! This is especially true if its one of the movies I have seen a million times. Like Tangled. Confession: I am watching it currently.

SO basically I love Disney movies. I actually get so excited whenI babysit because the kids have a collection of Disney movies and we can watch ALL OF THEM. Sometimes watching heavy adult-like filled content is just too much after a hard week. Better to just LET IT GO. (Tired of the Frozen references yet?) Anyways you can hate Disney and everything about it and I’ll respect you for it but I’ll never agree!