Spring Sale Picks

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.09.47 AM

Nordstrom has some awesome sale pieces right now that will fit in for a style-perfect spring wardrobe. I have gathered my favorite items (that have made it onto my wishlist!) to share here but I encourage you all to check it out for yourself!

White Button Front Skirt 

Button Front skirts are so trendy right now (loving the 90’s throwback!) and this white version is different and perfect for spring!

Striped Skirt

I was drawn to this skirt because it reminded me of something J. Crew would carry, but after I clicked on it I discovered it’s uniqueness! The sides of the skirt cut up a little giving this skirt a more edgy feel!

Mock Neck Dress

I have a few mock neck dresses but they are definitely more appropriate for winter. The fun pattern and airy fabric of this dress make it more suitable for spring!

Chambray Shirt Dress 

I have been searching for a good denim dress for the spring and this one caught my eye! I love the high/low feature and how well it pairs with white sneaks!

Lace Up Espadrille 

This shoe combines the casual style of espadrilles and the trendy aspect of lace-ups. I think the mixture is absolutely a shoe-win!

Lucky Brand Sling Back 

These were just too pretty not to include! Open toe booties are the perfect transition shoe for spring!

Utility Jacket 

I am seeing utility style jackets and vests up and down the blogosphere! I like the details on this one, especially the cinched waist!


The Perfect Holiday Dress

This may be my new favorite dress! (Can you believe its only $10?!?) All the detailing like the lace overlay and fit-n-flare skirt make it not only flattering and eye-catching, but exceptionally unique! I always like discovering pieces that are different from what I can find on the mall racks. I paired the dress with some sleek black tights and these fabulous booties from Old Navy. The dress has enough going on that the rest of the outfit could be simple and streamlined. The leopard fold over clutch gave enough pop to complete the outfit. Now I just need a party!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

dress- Shein

booties- Old Navy

clutch- Old Navy

necklace- old (similar here)

ring- similar here 

All of these pictures were taken at Over the Rhine in Cincinnati. The area is full of unique restaurants and shops and is definitely the up and coming spot in the city. I’m planning a post with my favorite must-sees in OTR and can’t wait to share it on the blog!

Comfy Cozy Gifts

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.06.39 PM

This week’s gift guide is all about becoming the ultimate couch potato. I am always seeking to perfect this role so these gifts especially appealed to me. Christmas break is quickly approaching and I need every fluffy, fuzzy and just plain warm thing there is out there to make it as relaxing as possible. I think many of you might be on the same page. So whether you need a present for snuggle-loving friend or just one to add to your christmas list, you have to check these out! As always all gifts are under $50!

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.05.45 PM


1. Sweatered Mug-Target

I just think this is downright adorable. A sweater for your mug? Like who thought of that? Genius! It’s too cute not to buy. Am I right?

2. Fleece Blanket- Target

Yeah, I am repeating Target. But who isn’t obsessed with Target? Plus what would a cozy gift guide be without a warm blanket. I just love how this one is Christmas themed!

3. Socks-J.Crew

J. Crew always has the funnest socks! I feel like thick patterned socks are trending. Or maybe its just getting cold and they are practical. Either way these are adorable.

4. PJ Pants- Old Navy

I am going to snag those gray waffle leggings for myself! Both pairs are under $10. Can’t beat that!

5. Rudolf Pillow- Nordstrom

I have no idea if this pillow is comfortable but honestly I don’t care. I laughed as soon as I saw it (maybe I laugh too easily). I think is subtle enough to match any decor but still brings plenty of Christmas spirit.

6. Slippers-Kohl’s

So if socks aren’t a warm enough option for cold feet, these slippers are definitely the next step. They look like they are a coat for your foot.

If you love everything on this list (like I do) then they all pair together. Imagine sitting in front of the fire with your PJ pants, socks and slippers on, holding a nice mug of hot cocoa, lounging on your Rudolf pillow and wrapped in your fleece blanket. Paints a pretty picture don’t you think?

Animalistic: My Favorite Fall Flats

Everyone seems to be doing posts about their favorite fall booties or boots, but I want to talk about flats! I wear a lot of flats because they are much more comfortable for an on-the-go college student! As much as I would love to strut around campus in my little heeled booties, I think I would: One- get a lot of strange looks from my legging clad, big-shirted sorority peers and Two- have to soak my feet in a tub of ice water (which I really don’t want to do). Animal print is the perfect statement for fall and flats are great for those not-yet-chilly days. (Trust me I have been begging Mother Nature to bring me some cooler weather…to no avail) Anyhoo, here are some of my favorite pairs all under $100!Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.17.59 PM

1. Snakeskin loafers– these looked so comfortable to me!

2. Multi-print pointed flats– these might not be totally animal print but I love the colors and uniqueness of this pair!

3. Cheetah print loafers-these are the most similar to my favorite pair of giraffe-printed flats!

4. Pointed snakeskin flats– these would match anything!

*See how I styled my fall flats in this previous post!

Tips for Saving Money: College Edition


So I am about the last person ever you should ask for money advice. Yeah, I bet you read that and were like “Okay so I’m leaving now.” But I urge you, stick with me! I have some tips that will actually help you save and earn a little cash! My problem is I just turn around and spend it elsewhere (ooopppppssss). In my four years of college I really have learned a few (keyword: few) real life tricks. Its hard when you’re in between paychecks and a nice trip to the mall for some retail therapy is all you really need. So here’s some non-typical (hopefully) ways to make and save money!

  • Sell some of those clothes girl! — I took a tub full of my old clothes (think Aeropostale graphic tees) to Plato’s closet over the summer and made $54! Cha-ching! Even though frustratingly they don’t buy much from you, it’s always nice to get some cash flow for those items that haven’t seen the light of day in years.
  • Bargain shop! — While I’m all about saving up for those designer pieces, I realize at this point in my life I can’t have nice things. Okay, I have some nice things. Okay, I have a decent amount of nice things. But I rarely buy those for myself. I have found the best shops online that allow me to buy trendy pieces for less! Also TJMaxx is my (and should be your’s) best friend.
  • Sell your books! — Unless you want to save all your educational tools for who knows what, get rid of those unused books! If you have already tried your local university bookstore, go to Half Priced Books or Amazon.com and try there! I’ve been able to sell books from Freshman year recently for a pretty penny!
  • Use your student discounts — Seriously they are everywhere! Places like JCrew Factory even give you the student discount on top of their clearance. This website helps you navigate all the discounts and find ones that fit your needs!
  • Sell yourself! — No I am not advocating taking to the streets to pay for college but hey, if you do, then you do you girlfriend. A few of my friends have actually sold plasma at a cool $50 a visit. While the thought of going through that makes me squeamish, I can see why it is so appealing to some people. Sitting for an hour or two watching TV for 50 bucks? Yeah, it does sound pretty nice. Plus you are helping people! Look around at your local hospitals or blood banks for a similar program!

What’s your favorite way to earn some extra cash? Or do you have a way to save some? I would love to hear them!


Golfing or Shopping?

I finally decided it was time to wear my Vineyard Vines sleeveless polo that I had received for CHRISTMAS! Yeah it was about time! But it is my first piece of serious VV so I had been saving it. Luckily, I had bought these awesome tailored white pants from the Ralph Lauren outlet to pair with it for a country club vibe. Seriously I felt like I was about to tee off all day, and I haven’t even ever played golf! (Although I would love to try!)

Polo: VV (same but different colors here)

Pants: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Jack Rogers (similar here)

Belt: local boutique


Shirt: Dillards (Blu Pepper)

Shorts: Dillards (Copper Key)

Jewelry and make-up bag: Charming Charlie’s

Bargain Bangs

So broke college girl here. And the even sadder thing is I’m a broke college girl who is addicted to shopping. I’m sure many of you share my disease. If you have shopaholics anonymous number holla at me. Been looking for that. Anyways I have been strategically scooped the internet, outlets, and other places of shopping that have the best deals for the cutest (no promises on quality). Here they are!

1.  simpleaddiction.com Sometimes it takes a little digging to find something I really want but I have now bought two dresses from there for $10! Best part is they always have promotions and shipping is only $2! I can’t wait to wear the below dress on game days! My pathetic minimum wage income can handle that! (Please excuse how wrinkled it is.)


2. tobi.com If you haven’t checked this site out yet then you have been living under a very sad rock. Go now! Seriously such fashion forward clothes for a small price, especially in their sale. The below shirt was only $9! And I bought one for my birthday for $12! Don’t worry how far you live because all shipping is FREE! Cannot argue with that. Also its 50% off your first order. This site is love. It always treats my buying jitters (similar to coffee jitters but not)


3. Gabriel Brothers or as I lovingly call it, Gabe’s. Okay so this place is a little disorganized and some of their stuff is uhhh questionable but I can always find at least one good piece of clothing there. Yes it does take patience and a little bit of luck but this place has awesome deals! Below I bought a fur vest from there for $5! YES FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS. And the jean jacket? $10! If you have not had the pleasure of being acquainted with this classy establishment, it is a TJ Maxx-esque department store with designer (and sometimes not designer) over stock.


If you have any great places that have great deals let me know! I am always looking for the next place to spend my grocery money at (priorities, am I right?)