Life Update

As I sit in this adorable coffee shop in Lexington, KY, avoiding all the things I really need to do and the rain (oh the rain!), I thought I would finally give everyone a life update. It’s been awhile and I’m actually quite sad because blogging has been the one thing I really do 100% for enjoyment. Well let’s see… I graduated! WHOOP! Finally I may actually be considered an adult (though I don’t feel like one and am not sure when I will, thoughts?) I have moved back to Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati and am so happy to be back in my hometown once again. Unfortunately, I was not accepted into Medical School this cycle and while this has immensely disappointed me, I am not discouraged! I am currently volunteering in the hospital and have applied for research positions! If anyone is out there who has been in the situation I would love to hear your experience! I have come to find out that taking a gap year is far from unusual and is actually more common then getting in the first round! I am definitely going to blog about my journey to give encouragement to those who may be in my position or who are in the process of applying to med-school now!

Now for some fun. I went to Hilton Head Island for the FIRST time. For all you east coasters I know this is a SHOCK, everyone seems to go there, right? At least everyone in my area does. Anyway I loved it and it was such a beautiful vacation spot. I know we are going there next year and I would love some suggestions for restaurants etc. from you lovely people! Here are some photos of our day trip to Savannah:



Shirt / J. Crew (similar)

Necklace / Charming Charlie (similar)

Skirt / Versona (Similar and shorts)

Hat / Amazon

Sandals / Michael Kors 


Spring Break Wishlist

With March around the corner and spring weather making an appearance, all I can think about is the beach! Luckily for me I will be there in 3 short weeks! While I might be ready for fun in the sun, my wardrobe certainly is not. So I have compiled my favorite spring-break must-haves!

Bathing Suits

Obviously I love the palm print and am so excited it is sticking around for another year! This time I am definitely getting in on the trend!

Red // Anthropology

One piece // Anthropology

High Waisted // ModCloth

Halter Palm // Cupshe


I have included all of the essentials here: tassel, lace up, jelly and classic (Tory Burch duh).

Fringe // Target

Red Lace-up // ASOS

Jelly // Forever21

Tory Burch // Nordstrom


I don’t know about you but I am crazy about cover-ups! I might have one to match each of my bathing suits! I love the off the shoulder ones especially and will definitely be picking one up for my trip!

Lace // Nordstrom

White OTS // ASOS

Blue // ASOS

Tassel // Anthropology

Is anyone else going on spring break this year? What are your beach must haves?

How to Make a FRAT Cooler

Ahhhh formal coolers. Another form of torture us sorority girls like to submit ourselves to. I have made three, yes THREE, for my boyfriend so I would say I am a bit of a cooler connoisseur (insert sly smile). Anyways I am always looking for new ideas so I figured that everyone else was too! First I am going to list some quick tips!

  1. Choose a smooth and flat cooler! Igloo Island Breeze are the BOMB. Literally love them. They are like $15-20 at Walmart! 0003422344561_500X500
  2.  Sand your cooler EVERYWHERE. Use sandpaper, an electric sander, a nail file, something! Paint will not stick to an unsnapped cooler. Especially sand the top. For some reason thats where paint loves to chip
  3. Now prime. I personally love the primer and paint combo spray can but as long as it says it will bond to plastic then you are good to go!
  4. Time to paint! You can use any acrylic paint. I don’t have any personal favorites. Make sure to pick up some paint pens. They are a lifesaver! A black and white one are essential! And honestly the more expensive ones are better. The cheap ones tend to glop up and don’t go on evenly.
  5. Now that your cooler is looking good, it is time to seal. I just use a clear sealant spray can. I give it a couple coats and its ready to go! Some people suggest mod-podging it first, but I don’t find this necessary

And here is my most recent finished product! I’ll post a gallery with my older ones soon!

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 10.33.41 PM

Spring Break Bucket List (For Collegers)

If you are wondering, I did make up the word collegers and yes I like it. It sums up the people I mean quite nicely. Sorry post twice in one day but my roommates and I made this list and I know others would enjoy it. We looked everywhere on the internet and NOBODY had made a list. Thats just crazay in my opinion. So here it is:

  1. order food in a foreign accent/language
  2. steal an article of clothing from a frat boy and wear it to the beach the next day (we had a specific fraternity we were vacationing with but I suppose this could be any group of boys)
  3. shotgun a beer (yes we hadn’t done that before)
  4. kiss a random boy (you can’t know him!)
  5. make strangers do our school cheer (C-A-T-S)
  6. dance on table tops
  7. kiss a bouncer
  8. reenact a picture from last spring break
  9. take a body shot (or get one taken off of you)
  10. kiss a gay guy
  11. bong something on the beach
  12. and if you are frat boys who are a little overzealous about their team, get 40-0 tattooed on your a**

As my twelve year self would say,

PEACE (just kidding I still say that),


Spring Break 2K15: Lets Talk Location

Currently I am laid back, swaddled in a accumulation of blankets, watching the NCAA tournament, like any college girl of the SEC should be doing that has any sense. This being said, I am in a position that is in stark opposition to that of a couple days ago. Like so many others of my cohorts I was recently enjoying the paradise (subject to interpretation) that is college spring break. This year my friends and I made the 15 hour drive down to Fort Myers beach to enjoy a week of sun and debauchery. After spending the duration screaming to Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child we arrived without someone killing another (trust me, that is a surprise). Funny enough, K’s mom told me to not kill anyone on the trip. Only me. I must have a bigger bitch face than I thought. I am sure anyone who is packed in like sardines with 3 other diva sorority girls can feel me. But let’s talk location. Fort Myers is straight up one of the most beautiful beaches I have been on, once I could overlook the Frat boys passed out around me like slightly breathing mounds and the thong bottoms (side note, seriously what is up with those things? I do not see your naked bottom flapping around no matter how nice it is.) And oh my sweetness was it hot! Yes! So much better than PCB or Daytona. BUT we could not find nightlife anywhere. I am saying I stomped up and down the little boulevard in my wedges and sundress barging into every tiny place that looked like it might serve food and play music and there was NOTHING. I mean they did serve food, drinks (good ones), and play music but not exactly what I was looking for. All I wanted was my neon bracelet that would pair so nicely with my bangles and manicure that would claim my dedication to hitting every nightclub and desire to dance on tables. Trust me we made our own fun, but really who wants to work that hard on Spring Break?