How I Live in my Tiny Space

I have been living in my tiny excuse for a room for almost two years now. Can you even believe that I don’t want to pull my hair out or punch my fist through the wall? Maybe it’s from my cramped memories of the dorm and sorority house that I feel that the joy I find in solace of my own room outweighs the crackerbox claustrophobia. Or maybe its because I have found and utilized the best space saving strategies ever! Seriously I think Pinterest is the greatest thing  that’s ever happened to the Internet. I found much of my inspiration there and just modified it to fit my style!

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So the white jewelry dish is actually two glass dishes from Goodwill that I spray painted white. The middle is just a glass candle stick, also from Goodwill. I love putting my every day jewelry right where I can grab it! The mason jar I painted with regular acrylic paint and then used sand paper to scuff it up and give it a rustic feel. It holds little paper clips for my photo from pictured below.

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The picture frame is not necessarily a space saver but I do like displaying my favorite moments and it’s a lot smaller than a bunch of picture frames. I spray painted an old frame white and then strung some twine with a staple gun. Easy enough? The awesome intagram prints are from Foxprint. They are 25 cents a piece and ship right to your door!

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This is one of my favorite parts of my room. I love that all my hair, skin and other daily products are still easily accessible but are neatly suspended over my dresser, leaving it clutter free! This nifty contraption is actually a spice rack from Ikea and cost me only $3.99!

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I am obsessed with the Dollar Tree. Literally OBSESSED. Ask my friends. They’ll tell you. So when I came across these adorable apothecary jars I just had to have them. I painted the top of them with acrylic paint, scuffed them up a bit, mod-podged them and viola! You would be surprised by what you can find at the dollar store.

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Another fav of mine. This rack is mounted on the inside side of my closet door. I just open it up and all of my statement necklaces (and a couple of my favorite purses) are right there! Its getting pretty full now so I think I might have to pick up a second one! I found this also at Ikea meant for something in the kitchen. Obviously I had a better idea. (s hooks found here)

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Anybody have space saving tips? I would love to here them! xoxo


The Confederate Debate

Okay so I am going to get a little serious in this post. The Internet has just blown up over cooler painting. YES, COOLER PAINTING (enter sigh of exasperation). But I actually think the debate is well warranted. A young lady posted on the cooler connection, a Facebook page where sorority women can share awesome cooler tips, about the negativity associated with the Confederate flag. She claims we as the Greek community need to “cool it with the Confederate flag on the coolers.” What a brave and outspoken young lady. I respect her for her beliefs and I want to stand there beside her in agreement. I’m from Kentucky and so arguably may not traditionally be considered “southern” but I believe that the Confederate flag, while carrying with it a sense of tradition and southern culture, holds with it negative connotations that as the younger generation we need repair. My boyfriend is African American and a member of Beta Theta Pi and I would never paint a Confederate flag on his cooler. While I don’t believe it is intentionally “racist,” the Confederate flag reminds us of a time when our nation was fighting to keep people of color enslaved. Like or not slavery was part of Southern culture. He upholds many of traditional southern values and identifies with many of the southern aspects of fraternity life like brotherhood, tradition, loyalty and family, but he doesn’t need the Confederate flag to identify himself as “southern.” I am not here to dictate if it is right or wrong to paint the Confederate flag on your cooler, it is after all your own creative liberty. I just think that we as the next generation need to be more conscientious of our history and what it means to truly be American.

Check out the TSM post here


How to Make a FRAT Cooler

Ahhhh formal coolers. Another form of torture us sorority girls like to submit ourselves to. I have made three, yes THREE, for my boyfriend so I would say I am a bit of a cooler connoisseur (insert sly smile). Anyways I am always looking for new ideas so I figured that everyone else was too! First I am going to list some quick tips!

  1. Choose a smooth and flat cooler! Igloo Island Breeze are the BOMB. Literally love them. They are like $15-20 at Walmart! 0003422344561_500X500
  2.  Sand your cooler EVERYWHERE. Use sandpaper, an electric sander, a nail file, something! Paint will not stick to an unsnapped cooler. Especially sand the top. For some reason thats where paint loves to chip
  3. Now prime. I personally love the primer and paint combo spray can but as long as it says it will bond to plastic then you are good to go!
  4. Time to paint! You can use any acrylic paint. I don’t have any personal favorites. Make sure to pick up some paint pens. They are a lifesaver! A black and white one are essential! And honestly the more expensive ones are better. The cheap ones tend to glop up and don’t go on evenly.
  5. Now that your cooler is looking good, it is time to seal. I just use a clear sealant spray can. I give it a couple coats and its ready to go! Some people suggest mod-podging it first, but I don’t find this necessary

And here is my most recent finished product! I’ll post a gallery with my older ones soon!

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 10.33.41 PM

Shotbooks: the event everybody loves to hate

This year for me and pretty much all of my fellow friends is the highly anticipated year of 21. Now we are all legally welcomed into the world where so many college students had already placed themselves. And hey that’s exciting! But for the sorority girl it comes with the elevated stress of shot book pages, a stress that could beat out studying for an Organic exam or talking to you’re highly feminist professor. A myriad of questions and concerns plague our mind. Do I have enough pictures? Will she like it? Why am I number 12? She was number 8 in mine! Yes. It is dumb. And yes, it doesn’t matter in 4 years the order of our friends in our shot book. But does this stop us? Absolutely not! We will continue to slap on the shambliest photos of our friends and us on overly glittery pages and we will fight about the order because its the principle of the matter! Anyways here’s some examples I have made for shot books and some tips I have. Take them as you will.

1. This was for my especially srat friend. Seriously though if tattoos were a sorority staple she would have her monogram plastered on her forehead. But its an easy concept! Just make one of the pages look like a button down and then cut out pearls from white cardstock. Cut out a monogram and viola! You have a cute and unique page! Plus you don’t have to stick ugly photos everywhere! I saw this idea originally on Pinterest but I made it my own by tweaking the design a bit!


2. Are you ever in that shot book for that one girl and you’re like whaaaaaaat? Like you didn’t know you were that close. And now you’re even more stressed because you have ZERO pictures with this chick. Now you’re like obligated to make a page and go and stuff. UGH I just wanted to watch Criminal Minds all night in my bed! Anyways here’s what to do. Just make the rhyme HUGE. Everybody will be distracted by your beautiful verbiage and not even notice the absence of pics.


If you have any ideas or tips for shot books please share! Also if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them (can’t promise satisfactory ones)!