How I Live in my Tiny Space

I have been living in my tiny excuse for a room for almost two years now. Can you even believe that I don’t want to pull my hair out or punch my fist through the wall? Maybe it’s from my cramped memories of the dorm and sorority house that I feel that the joy I find in solace of my own room outweighs the crackerbox claustrophobia. Or maybe its because I have found and utilized the best space saving strategies ever! Seriously I think Pinterest is the greatest thing  that’s ever happened to the Internet. I found much of my inspiration there and just modified it to fit my style!

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So the white jewelry dish is actually two glass dishes from Goodwill that I spray painted white. The middle is just a glass candle stick, also from Goodwill. I love putting my every day jewelry right where I can grab it! The mason jar I painted with regular acrylic paint and then used sand paper to scuff it up and give it a rustic feel. It holds little paper clips for my photo from pictured below.

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The picture frame is not necessarily a space saver but I do like displaying my favorite moments and it’s a lot smaller than a bunch of picture frames. I spray painted an old frame white and then strung some twine with a staple gun. Easy enough? The awesome intagram prints are from Foxprint. They are 25 cents a piece and ship right to your door!

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This is one of my favorite parts of my room. I love that all my hair, skin and other daily products are still easily accessible but are neatly suspended over my dresser, leaving it clutter free! This nifty contraption is actually a spice rack from Ikea and cost me only $3.99!

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I am obsessed with the Dollar Tree. Literally OBSESSED. Ask my friends. They’ll tell you. So when I came across these adorable apothecary jars I just had to have them. I painted the top of them with acrylic paint, scuffed them up a bit, mod-podged them and viola! You would be surprised by what you can find at the dollar store.

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Another fav of mine. This rack is mounted on the inside side of my closet door. I just open it up and all of my statement necklaces (and a couple of my favorite purses) are right there! Its getting pretty full now so I think I might have to pick up a second one! I found this also at Ikea meant for something in the kitchen. Obviously I had a better idea. (s hooks found here)

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Anybody have space saving tips? I would love to here them! xoxo


Fruity Fusion: Detox Water

Here’s the down and dirty. I like detox water. I don’t make detox water often. I should do it more. Okay, in light of this I determined it was time to drum up a pitcher (in addition to wanting to look my best for V-day). I decided to head to Lucky’s (my new obsession, holla if you have one) and see what was on sale. That’s the beautiful thing about detox water: you can pretty much use any fruit. I did get a little assistance and inspiration from this post about 11 delicious detox waters. So here’s what I came up with!

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1 cup of watermelon

1 sliced kiwi

1/4 cup of basil

1 pitcher of ice water

And that’s it! I let mine set in the fridge overnight so that all the nutrients and flavor could really seep into the water. Here’s the nutritional benefits as outlined by the before mentioned post:


  • Flushes toxins
  • Fights inflammation
  • Improves blood flow
  • Boosts immune system


  • Flushes toxins
  • Fights inflammation
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Fights depression
  • Fights cancer

After one day of drinking it, I already feel more energetic and happy. Even if none of the health benefits are true, at least the delicious fruit infusion will help me drink more water.

Touchdown Time

Do y’all know what time it is? The best season of them all: football! Some might disagree with me, especially here in Kentucky, but to me football is the best sport to watch and be a part of. I love everything about it and it’s arrival signifies the real start of fall (even if its still 85 degrees.) There’s many reasons to love football season here in the bluegrass but I wanted to let you guys know why its truly a special time of year!

Becoming Country

Every Saturday something magical happens: every sorority girl becomes a down home country chick. No matter where your from whether that be Paducah, Cincinnati or San Francisco you better bet you’ve jumped on the bandwagon and have become bonafide southern woman. I love throwing my cowboy boots (the only time I get to wear them besides country concerts) on and jamming to some of country’s finest all while tailgating in my fine blue dress.


What I’m Wearing:

Boots: Old but from Kohl’s

Dress: Takara (L found on Poshmark)

Purse: Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

 A Sea of Blue

I came to college with ZERO, I mean zip, zilch, nada, blue dresses. I didn’t know I would need them. Was I in for a surprise. My collection has now reached 12 blue or blue and white dresses. I need one for every home game! Plus I have trained my eyes to instantly find blue dresses in any store and then make a beeline right for them. I worry that my closet will be like 70% blue dresses and 30% everything else even when I’m out of college. But for now I love rocking my blue dresses and posing with the rest of my friends and sisters in theirs.


Wildcat Wake-up

A few special games of the football season are what we call “morning games.” This means that us girls have to wake up at the crack of dawn to ready ourselves for the coming festivities. You may ask “How do you get up at 8 am on the weekend when you can’t even make it to you 11 am classes?” Wildcat Wake-up. In the sorority house the older, more seasoned girls would run up and down the hallways, banging on doors and blasting music. Nothing makes you pop out of bed more that the fear of someone coming in, jumping on your bed, and screaming GO CATS in your face. My roommates and I have lovingly kept the tradition alive in our own house.



Yes, this is an obvious reason but nonetheless must be included! Nothing gives you the feels more than your boots sinking in the beer soaked ground and the hot sun beating down on you perfectly curled head. As torturous as it sounds, you know you love it and you’re a Saturday regular at all of the fraternity tailgates. Plus who doesn’t love showing all the boys up at corn hole?


Game Time

Being a UK student, it is immensely easier to go to a football game than to a basketball game. Although they both have $5 student tickets, basketball has a lottery you must win to get those tickets. It’s an annoying and tedious process. Football rarely sells out (perks of having an average team) and you can usually decide if you want to go at the last minute.

`What’s your favorite thing about football season?