Life Update

As I sit in this adorable coffee shop in Lexington, KY, avoiding all the things I really need to do and the rain (oh the rain!), I thought I would finally give everyone a life update. It’s been awhile and I’m actually quite sad because blogging has been the one thing I really do 100% for enjoyment. Well let’s see… I graduated! WHOOP! Finally I may actually be considered an adult (though I don’t feel like one and am not sure when I will, thoughts?) I have moved back to Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati and am so happy to be back in my hometown once again. Unfortunately, I was not accepted into Medical School this cycle and while this has immensely disappointed me, I am not discouraged! I am currently volunteering in the hospital and have applied for research positions! If anyone is out there who has been in the situation I would love to hear your experience! I have come to find out that taking a gap year is far from unusual and is actually more common then getting in the first round! I am definitely going to blog about my journey to give encouragement to those who may be in my position or who are in the process of applying to med-school now!

Now for some fun. I went to Hilton Head Island for the FIRST time. For all you east coasters I know this is a SHOCK, everyone seems to go there, right? At least everyone in my area does. Anyway I loved it and it was such a beautiful vacation spot. I know we are going there next year and I would love some suggestions for restaurants etc. from you lovely people! Here are some photos of our day trip to Savannah:



Shirt / J. Crew (similar)

Necklace / Charming Charlie (similar)

Skirt / Versona (Similar and shorts)

Hat / Amazon

Sandals / Michael Kors 


Pineapple Express

Just let me take a minute to tell you how completely obsessed I am with pineapples. I am seeing them all over the place and I AM LITERALLY IN LOVE. I couldn’t be happier that this is the new trend and cannot wait to pick up a piece of my own. Everywhere from J. Crew to Topshop to Forever 21 is adopting this playful pattern. I thought I would share some of my favorite finds!


1. I adore this bikini. Its the perfect combination of classic and trendy and I. want. it. I found it on Topshop! Looks like I will be saving my pennies!


2. Oh you know J. Crew was on this trend faster than a monogram on a sorority girl. The skirt is exactly my style with its structured A-line and perfect styling with a button down.


3. I can’t find where these are from (sad face), but I obsessed with pom-poms sooooooooo these are perfection. Side note on pom poms: they make everything better.


4. Another J.Crew find. This is more muted so it can be paired with more. So if you’re ready to rock the casual vibe with some cutoffs and a sun hat this is your go-to! I think I’ll be watching J. Crew factory for any discounts on their pineapple themed wear!

Comment below if you have any spring style trends you love or have a perfect piece of pineapple clothing!

Sixteen has Never Tasted So Sweet

Yes it’s even better than my own sweet sixteen. To be fair I still had braces and hadn’t mastered the fine art of make-up. What can I say? I was a late bloomer or something like that. But this is for all those girls (and guys) that jump on that basketball bandwagon when the NCAA tournament rolls around. Yes, I watched some of the games during the season and yes, I wore my jersey proudly during that time, but I often found myself drifting away playing on my phone until someone yelled some obscenity at the TV and snapped me back to reality. Sometimes I even choose to watch something else (insert shocked emoji here). Trust me that is no-no in Wildcat country. But now the sweet sixteen is upon us and all of campus is abuzz (that’s an understatement). I AM READY and I can’t help catching the BBN fever. I am proudly sporting my jersey and I have done myself all pretty to storm the streets after our win (because we will win). I am not ashamed to be on the bandwagon and only know like three of the players full names and gladly raise my little hoard of bandwagon children (when I am blessed with them). Nothing wrong with that right?


Sorry if this post is not satisfactory. I may be a few margaritas deep. GO CATS!