Spring Sale Picks

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Nordstrom has some awesome sale pieces right now that will fit in for a style-perfect spring wardrobe. I have gathered my favorite items (that have made it onto my wishlist!) to share here but I encourage you all to check it out for yourself!

White Button Front Skirt 

Button Front skirts are so trendy right now (loving the 90’s throwback!) and this white version is different and perfect for spring!

Striped Skirt

I was drawn to this skirt because it reminded me of something J. Crew would carry, but after I clicked on it I discovered it’s uniqueness! The sides of the skirt cut up a little giving this skirt a more edgy feel!

Mock Neck Dress

I have a few mock neck dresses but they are definitely more appropriate for winter. The fun pattern and airy fabric of this dress make it more suitable for spring!

Chambray Shirt Dress 

I have been searching for a good denim dress for the spring and this one caught my eye! I love the high/low feature and how well it pairs with white sneaks!

Lace Up Espadrille 

This shoe combines the casual style of espadrilles and the trendy aspect of lace-ups. I think the mixture is absolutely a shoe-win!

Lucky Brand Sling Back 

These were just too pretty not to include! Open toe booties are the perfect transition shoe for spring!

Utility Jacket 

I am seeing utility style jackets and vests up and down the blogosphere! I like the details on this one, especially the cinched waist!


Just Another Lilly Post

  I know many of my fellow bloggers have commented on their and other’s experience with the Lilly for Target release. I too was one of those anxiously waiting in line and mentally strategizing for optimal purchases. But no matter what I did there was no way to prepare for the actual INSANITY that ensued on Sunday. I arrived at the local Target with my roommate at 7:30. We thought that would be enough time to be at least relatively close in line. WRONG. When we finally got through the door (after much shoving), the shelves were EMPTY. I’m talking about like it looked like it didn’t even exist. People just cleared racks straight into their carts. As a girl who loves Lilly but can not normally afford it, imagine my surprise that I wasn’t able to pick up a single item to purchase. So different strategy. Stalk people. I have never felt so creepy in my life and I am ashamed to say I don’t regret it. I stood at the dressing room entrance staring people down as they came out. Yeah….I was that girl. BUT, my hard work paid off! I traded a nice young lady for an x-small romper in Happy Place! And then by some miracle another girl handed me the jump suit in Boom Boom (insert tears of joy). Also my roommate snagged me a head scarf!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.53.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.53.55 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.55.43 PM

While I was ultimately pleased with my mini haul, I was disappointed that the overall spirit of the collaboration was compromised. I saw a lady buy over $1000 of stuff! I know many girls and women went home empty handed and it is sad knowing that could have been prevented especially because many of them were excited about the line because it would make Lilly more affordable. Now its just as expensive as the real thing. All I can do is shake my head.

Work Ready: What I Wore

I had to go to work today and to an meeting with a professor (college life, right?) so I decided to look presentable today. Which means tomorrow I can look like a scrub! See how that works? Anyways here’s some of my outfit highlights that make it worth it to be put together:


I am IN LOVE with patterned flats. I want these in every color/pattern/fabric but unfortunately I bought them years ago. 😦 They are hands down the most comfortable loafer I have ever had. And look how well they pair with my Michael Kors tote bag! I found that at Nordstrom Rack for a cool $200. Not bad, huh? The shoes are Fossil.


Arm candy is my favorite! I wear my rose gold Fossil watch on the daily. Best investment ever. The pearl bracelet is from Charlotte Russe (who knew?) and accents my pearl ring quite nicely. The bracelet that looks kinda like snakeskin (at least that’s what I have been told) is a Lily and Laura. Check them out here. I love stacking them!

IMG_5568The rest of the outfit:

short necklace: Etsy

long necklace: Old Navy

blue tunic: J. Crew

Jeggings (are those still a thing?): Express

Bet on It: Derby Season

It’s spring lovely people and do you know what that means for the folks of the bluegrass? Horse racing! Before college I had never been to the track even though I resided in the horse capitol of the world. It just wasn’t popular in the area where I lived. When I arrived at college I was pleasantly introduced to the glamorous world of Keeneland. Its lush green pastures and bright white farm sense beckoned to me like the emerald city itself. From that moment on you could say I was hooked along with my other greek and non-greek friends. Opening day has since become a tradition and is begun at the earliest in the morning. It starts by carefully curling your hair and meticulously applying the perfect face of make-up to stand-up to a harsh day of warm sunlight and a fresh breeze. And then comes putting on your dress. This dress had probably been purchased weeks or even months beforehand to wear for this specific event and you have been dreaming about putting it on with your best wedges to go bet on the horses. And truly this is the main event because not just any dress makes it to Keeneland. It is most likely pastel or flowery and is modest so that it can be perfectly paired with a monogram or pearls. I never turn down a reason to dress up and this is no exception. In addition to a bomb dress, a few other essentials are necessary:

  1. Croakies. Preferably in your favorite Lilly pattern and attached to your favorite pair of sunglasses (mine are brown tortoise Rayban wayfarers) Get them here
  2. A big sunhat. These are not as popular as they are at the Derby and Carolina Cup but I believe they make any outfit better! Get one here or on etsy!
  3. Shoes. Don’t take this lightly. Shoes can make or break an outfit. If there’s not a pair of chunky wedges that match your dress, Jacks are always a safe bet! Get the pair here
  4. Money. A little bit of money to bet on horses make the whole day more interesting. Just bring five dollars to bet on two horses. Its fun to have some stakes in the race! Who knows you might even have the winning ticket!

Unfortunately for me I won’t be making opening day this season (sad sad face) because I will be out of town. But don’t worry I will be going to the races and I will be sure to post an outfit update!

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Pineapple Express

Just let me take a minute to tell you how completely obsessed I am with pineapples. I am seeing them all over the place and I AM LITERALLY IN LOVE. I couldn’t be happier that this is the new trend and cannot wait to pick up a piece of my own. Everywhere from J. Crew to Topshop to Forever 21 is adopting this playful pattern. I thought I would share some of my favorite finds!


1. I adore this bikini. Its the perfect combination of classic and trendy and I. want. it. I found it on Topshop! Looks like I will be saving my pennies!


2. Oh you know J. Crew was on this trend faster than a monogram on a sorority girl. The skirt is exactly my style with its structured A-line and perfect styling with a button down.


3. I can’t find where these are from (sad face), but I obsessed with pom-poms sooooooooo these are perfection. Side note on pom poms: they make everything better.


4. Another J.Crew find. This is more muted so it can be paired with more. So if you’re ready to rock the casual vibe with some cutoffs and a sun hat this is your go-to! I think I’ll be watching J. Crew factory for any discounts on their pineapple themed wear!

Comment below if you have any spring style trends you love or have a perfect piece of pineapple clothing!

Bargain Bangs

So broke college girl here. And the even sadder thing is I’m a broke college girl who is addicted to shopping. I’m sure many of you share my disease. If you have shopaholics anonymous number holla at me. Been looking for that. Anyways I have been strategically scooped the internet, outlets, and other places of shopping that have the best deals for the cutest (no promises on quality). Here they are!

1.  simpleaddiction.com Sometimes it takes a little digging to find something I really want but I have now bought two dresses from there for $10! Best part is they always have promotions and shipping is only $2! I can’t wait to wear the below dress on game days! My pathetic minimum wage income can handle that! (Please excuse how wrinkled it is.)


2. tobi.com If you haven’t checked this site out yet then you have been living under a very sad rock. Go now! Seriously such fashion forward clothes for a small price, especially in their sale. The below shirt was only $9! And I bought one for my birthday for $12! Don’t worry how far you live because all shipping is FREE! Cannot argue with that. Also its 50% off your first order. This site is love. It always treats my buying jitters (similar to coffee jitters but not)


3. Gabriel Brothers or as I lovingly call it, Gabe’s. Okay so this place is a little disorganized and some of their stuff is uhhh questionable but I can always find at least one good piece of clothing there. Yes it does take patience and a little bit of luck but this place has awesome deals! Below I bought a fur vest from there for $5! YES FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS. And the jean jacket? $10! If you have not had the pleasure of being acquainted with this classy establishment, it is a TJ Maxx-esque department store with designer (and sometimes not designer) over stock.


If you have any great places that have great deals let me know! I am always looking for the next place to spend my grocery money at (priorities, am I right?)