Life Update

As I sit in this adorable coffee shop in Lexington, KY, avoiding all the things I really need to do and the rain (oh the rain!), I thought I would finally give everyone a life update. It’s been awhile and I’m actually quite sad because blogging has been the one thing I really do 100% for enjoyment. Well let’s see… I graduated! WHOOP! Finally I may actually be considered an adult (though I don’t feel like one and am not sure when I will, thoughts?) I have moved back to Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati and am so happy to be back in my hometown once again. Unfortunately, I was not accepted into Medical School this cycle and while this has immensely disappointed me, I am not discouraged! I am currently volunteering in the hospital and have applied for research positions! If anyone is out there who has been in the situation I would love to hear your experience! I have come to find out that taking a gap year is far from unusual and is actually more common then getting in the first round! I am definitely going to blog about my journey to give encouragement to those who may be in my position or who are in the process of applying to med-school now!

Now for some fun. I went to Hilton Head Island for the FIRST time. For all you east coasters I know this is a SHOCK, everyone seems to go there, right? At least everyone in my area does. Anyway I loved it and it was such a beautiful vacation spot. I know we are going there next year and I would love some suggestions for restaurants etc. from you lovely people! Here are some photos of our day trip to Savannah:



Shirt / J. Crew (similar)

Necklace / Charming Charlie (similar)

Skirt / Versona (Similar and shorts)

Hat / Amazon

Sandals / Michael Kors 


Lexington Blues


IMG_6714I was fortunate enough to go on a mid-week dinner date with boo. He was so adventurous and took me downtown to a little hole in the wall with the BEST macaroni. I love discovering new places to eat and hang out! Lime Stone Blue had a collection of different mimosas to try and I had to get the Rose with Lemonade! So refreshing! And then what’s dinner without dessert? We hit up the new Crank and Boom location in the warehouse district and devoured some Bourbon and Honey ice-cream. Talk about yum. If at anytime you are in the Lexington area you must stop in both these places! If not for the awesome food and drink then for the artsy photo-ops! ūüôā

Jeans / American Eagle 

Peplum top / J. Crew (exact one found on Poshmark)

Sandals / Jack Roger

Necklace / Lauren Conrad

Kentucky Bracelet / local Boutique Rose and Lime (similar here)

Blue Bracelet / Bourbon and Boweties 

Purple Bracelet / Bourbon and Boweties 

Purse / Michael Kors

Eco-Friendly Summer Essentials

Hello all my lovely readers! I am so sorry it has been so long in me posting but I have the MCAT coming up so I am studying hard! I thought I would do a list of summer essentials with a twist: they must ¬†be eco-friendly! When I set off on this journey (because trust me it’s harder than you think) I never realized how many of my favorite things were NOT eco-friendly. It has inspired me to try to buy more products that are and I can’t wait to try them out! But below are the products that I currently have or desperately want for a successful summer!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.57.12 AM

1. Burlap beach bag from Thank Heaven Boutique. This bag is made from jute material which 100% biodegradable and is grown organically without pesticides! I have researched for a perfect eco-friendly bag and nothing seemed to fit my style until this one. How could I resist something so preppy and southern?

2. My Rainbow flip-flops. I could go on and on about how much I love these things. I wear them on the daily. No joke. Just check out my Instagram! They have arch support so you are comfortable in them all day long, unlike cheap flip-flops that are flat to the ground. The layers of the shoe are held together with special formulated environmentally friendly glue. Also the whole mission of the company is to prevent shoes from being discarded on beaches or landfills. It has a recycle program that asks you to please donate your worn out Rainbows so they can repair them and give them to people in need.

3. I realized I need a good water bottle being a summer camp counselor. Camelbaks are already known and loved and so they seemed like the obvious answer! In addition the Camelbak Better Bottles¬†are made from BPA- free plastic! I have heard such great things about this bottle I can’t wait to pick one up!

4. BB Cream is a summer must-have! Its so easy to slap on before running to the pool or beach and gives you a little bit of color in the harsh sunlight. I just started using Physician’s Formula BB Cream with SPF 30 and I am in love. It hides all my blemishes and red spots while also smoothing and protecting my skin! It is found on EWG’s list of best moisturizers with SPF!

5. I am a bracelet fanatic as I have probably mentioned before. I have four Alex & Ani bracelets and I am ready to collect some more! I have this perfect summer accessory all ready and have paired it for a nautical themed outfit in this post. The awesome thing about these are they are made with sustainable materials like recycled copper and are made solely in the USA. No worries about sweatshops or unfair labor practices!

6. Finally what’s summer without a bathing suit? I love the retro meets modern feeling of this suit. Right up my alley. Plus the fun, bright print would look great on the beach or poolside! It is made by Naja, a company dedicated to eco-friendly products¬†like¬†bras,¬†panties, and the Taylor Monokini swimsuit shown above.. This suit is made of 84% recycled PET, which is the material of which many plastic bottles are made. I never even thought that recycled plastic could be made into a suit!

I found out that none of the sunscreens I use are eco-friendly! I didn’t want to put one that was on my list because I have not used one and can not speak on the effectivity or other features. So if anyone has a favorite eco-friendly sunscreen and you want to share, I would love to try it out! Also anyone have a favorite eco-friendly summer essential?

Summer Wishlist


Since I will be working a lot this summer I have compiled a list of things I want to save up for and buy! I am loving the all bright colors this season and I want to get in on the action. Hopefully I won’t be #poor and be able to splurge on a few things! Here’s my top 7:

  1. Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.27.27 PMTriangl bathing suit — similar one from Amazon¬†(I’ve actually bought the one from Amazon and I am curious on how it holds up. Nevertheless I still would like the real thing!)
  2. tassel necklace–Nordstrom (there’s another option from Bellac)
  3. fraternity collection t-shirt– I have a pocket tee but I love this printed one! Perfect for Fourth of July
  4. krass and co shorts– Country Clup Prep (sidenote: I am OBSESSED with this store. They just opened one in Lexington and I go in any chance I get!)
  5. visor–Vineyard Vines
  6. shep shirt– Vineyard Vines (I love this ombre one!)
  7. monogrammed pfg —Etsy

Just Another Lilly Post

¬†¬†I know many of my fellow bloggers have commented on their and other’s experience with the Lilly for Target release. I too was one of those anxiously waiting in line and mentally strategizing for optimal purchases. But no matter what I did there was no way to prepare for the actual INSANITY that ensued on Sunday. I arrived at the local Target with my roommate at 7:30. We thought that would be enough time to be at least relatively close in line. WRONG. When we finally got through the door (after much shoving), the shelves were EMPTY. I’m talking about like it looked like it didn’t even exist. People just cleared racks straight into their carts. As a girl who loves Lilly but can not normally afford it, imagine my surprise that I wasn’t able to pick up a single item to purchase. So different strategy. Stalk people.¬†I have never felt so creepy in my life and I am ashamed to say I don’t regret it. I stood at the dressing room entrance staring people down as they came out. Yeah….I was that girl. BUT, my hard work paid off! I traded a nice young lady for an x-small romper in Happy Place! And then by some miracle another girl handed me the jump suit in Boom Boom (insert tears of joy). Also my roommate snagged me a head scarf!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.53.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.53.55 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.55.43 PM

While I was ultimately pleased with my mini haul, I was disappointed that the overall spirit of the collaboration was compromised. I saw a lady buy over $1000 of stuff! I know many girls and women went home empty handed and it is sad knowing that could have been prevented especially because many of them were excited about the line because it would make Lilly more affordable. Now its just as expensive as the real thing. All I can do is shake my head.